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FR Zestos Apex Line: Lighest Shirt With The Most Protection In The Welding Apparel Industry

  • What sets the Apex model of the FR Zestos shirt apart from its predecessor is the material, along with Epic Technology from Nextec. This application encapsulates each individual fiber of the fabric to help shed molten metal and a series of other things.
  • The FR Zestos is ultralight weight.
  • The shirt is constructed of a FR twill that is made in the USA.
  • A work shirt designed right; our design includes a tall collar, pleat in the back shoulders, front pockets that can fit a smart phone, extra space in the elbow and an extended rear tail for increased maneuverability and protection.
  • We use FR and Kevlar stitching to ensure our products can tolerate almost anything your job throws at it.

This design is for light to medium duty welding. Increase your protection by adding our Kote Sleeves.

Weight: 260 gsm (9 oz.)
Size (量胸圍=cm) : S 91-95 cm, M 96-101cm, L 102-106cm, XL 107-114 cm, 2XL 115-119cm, 3XL 120cm~

FR Zestos Apex 系列:焊接服裝行業防護能力最強的襯衫

  • Apex 型號的 FR Zestos 襯衫使用 Nextec 的 Epic 技術。這種技術將每根纖維都包裹起來,助於排除熔融金屬和其他物質。
  • FR Zestos 的重量超輕。
  • 襯衫由美國製造的阻燃斜紋布製成。作為一款設計合理的工作服,我們的設計包括高領、後肩褶、可容納智慧手機的前口袋、肘部的額外空間以及可增加機動性和保護性的加長後尾部。
  • 我們使用 FR 和凱夫拉(Kevlar)縫線,以確保我們的產品幾乎可以承受工作中的任何挑戰。
  • 適用於輕型至中型焊接工作。可加購我們的 Kote 肘護套增強保護。
  • 可機洗

Up in Smoke ZESTOS FR Welding Shirt

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