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Iron Man

We have collections for working with molten iron, steel, copper, aluminum, brass, zinc, lead and molten minerals. Our protective clothing is certified against splashes of molten metal and radiant heat in accordance with EN ISO 11612.

針對1500°C鋼液防護設計,適合石化、LPG、鋼鐵、煉銅等冶金業之防護,EN ISO 11612 E3最高標準,抗接觸與幅射熱,具高可見性,提供最高安全及舒適的保護。

、堆積します。我々の防護服はこれらの飛沫やその発する放射熱に対する安全性がEN ISO 11612 E3により確認されております。

Tranemo FR Workwear Saves Your Life

SSAB with Tranemo FR Suits

Source: Salvage Hunters S16E04, Salvage Hunters full episodes, Salvage Hunters 2022

Sheffield Forge Masters with Tranemo FR Suits
Tranemo X Sheffield Forge Masters


Tranemo X Sheffield Forge Masters


Tranemo X Sheffield Forge Masters


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