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FR Novus Apex Line: The Apex Predator of Welding Apparel

  • The Apex Predator of welding apparel. The FR Novus welding shirt has a superior fit and uses the most innovative material for welding durability. 
  • The body is constructed of a material that is made in the USA. It uses a state of the art encapsulation method on the fibers of the fabric to help shed molten metal and a series of other things.
  • Double layered sleeves. We use CarbonX on the top part of the sleeve and line it with a soft twill to help mitigate burns and heat transfer.
  • Machine Washable.
  • CarbonX excels in shedding the buckshot, chemicals, flammable liquids, and other molten materials.
  • Extra length in the arms and back for better coverage.
  • Our design includes a natural bend in the elbow for flexibility, dual layer sleeves, and an extended rear tail.
  • We use FR and Kevlar stitching to ensure our products can tolerate almost anything your job throws at it.
  • This design is for medium to heavy duty welding. Increase your protection by moving up to our Testudo Welding Jacket.

We know that once you try our products, you’ll never buy anything else. Why are we so confident? Because we test, test, test to ensure our products and the materials we use are the best for the jobs we know you do.

Whether you’re pipelining in Alaska, Minnesota or in Canada, or burning rod in a fab shop in Texas, California or overseas, or if you’re a welding hobbyist, artist or groupie, then Up in Smoke Welding Apparel has the best product for your welding job. Buy the FR Thorax Welding Hoodie now, and you’ll be happy and warm.

We believe welding isn’t just a job or a career. It’s a brother and sisterhood, a family, a community of people who get it done. It’s our job to ensure you have the best welding apparel on the market so that you look good, stay protected and get home to what matters most

Weight: 260 gsm (9 oz.)
Size (量胸圍=cm) : S 91-95 cm, M 96-101cm, L 102-106cm, XL 107-114 cm, 2XL 115-119cm, 3XL 120cm~


  • FR Novus Apex 系列: 焊接服中的頂級掠食者 。FR Novus 焊接服具有卓越的合身性, 採用了最創新的焊接耐久性材料。
  • 美國製造的材料製成。它在面料纖維上採用了最先進的複合材質,有助於熔融金屬脫落。
  • 雙層袖子。我們在袖子的上半部分使用 CarbonX,下半部分使用柔軟的斜紋布,以幫助減少熱傳。
  • 可機洗。
  • CarbonX面布 可有效排除buckshot、化學品、易燃液體和其他熔融金屬。
  • 手臂和背部加長,覆更廣。我們的設計包括:肘部自然彎曲以增加靈活性、雙層袖子和加長的後尾部。我們使用阻燃及凱夫拉(Kevla)縫線,以確保我們的產品幾乎可以承受工作中的任何情況。
  • 本款設計適用於中型到重型焊接工作。
  • 如果您需更高防護能力,請升級到我們的 Testudo 焊接夾克。
  • 我們知道,一旦您嘗試過我們的產品,您就再也不會購買其他產品了。為什麼我們如此自信?因為我們通過測試、測試、再測試,確保我們的產品和材料最適合您所從事的工作。

Up in Smoke NOVUS FR Welding Shirt

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