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Survitec OFFSHORE 290N 水上救難人員用 充氣式救生衣

The Crewsaver Offshore 290 N is a twin-chamber, 290 N lifejacket - designed, tested and developed in collaboration with the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI), ensuring its complete suitability for use by rescue boat crews in offshore and extreme conditions.

A waistcoat style, the Offshore 290 N has open sides and a versatile adjustment system allowing it to fit most adults. It has one automatic inflation chamber and a second manually operated chamber. The first chamber activates automatically on water entry to enhance your mobility when swimming, moving around and performing rescues. The second chamber can then be activated manually if required to give the full 290 N buoyancy. This makes the lifejacket ideal for use in extremely rough conditions, or when supporting a survivor in the water. Each chamber is fitted with a 60 g CO2 cylinder.

Complete with all the safety features you would expect from a professional lifejacket, the Offshore 290 N includes twin flare pockets, integrated safety line, spray hood and thigh straps.

  • Twin chamber rescue lifejacket
  • Heavy duty cover for durability
  • Integrated safety accessories fitted as standard
  • Versatile adjustment system allowing it to fit most body sizes
  • Specialist lifejacket for offshore and extreme condition rescue operations
  • designed with the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI)

Crewsaver Offshore 290 N 是一款雙氣囊 290 N 救生衣,與英國皇家國家救生艇協會(RNLI)合作設計、測試和開發,確保完全適合救援艇船員在近海和極端條件下使用。Offshore 290 N 救生衣採用背心式設計,具有多功能調節系統,適合大多數成年人使用。它有一個自動充氣室和第二個手動充氣室。第一個充氣室在入水時自動啟動,以提高您在游泳、四處走動和實施救援時的機動性。如果需要,可以手動啟動第二個氣室,以提供 290 N 的浮力。這使得救生衣非常適合在極端惡劣的條件下使用,或在水中為倖存者提供支援。每個氣室都配有一個 60 克重的二氧化碳氣瓶。Offshore 290 N 救生衣具備專業救生衣所應具備的所有安全功能,包括雙照明彈口袋、集成安全繩、防水罩和大腿綁帶。

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Survitec OFFSHORE 290N 水上救難人員用 充氣式救生衣

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