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Survitec Halo Passenger lifejacket 直升機自動充氣式救生衣
The Halo passenger lifejacket provides operators with the most advanced lifejacket solution available for helicopter transfer – offering an enhanced level of safety, comfort and in-water performance not currently available in the energy aviation sector.

It has been proven that the addition of a spray hood inside a lifejacket can significantly enhance the wearer’s safety. It increases visibility, retains heat and protects the airway from water inhalation. This lifejacket features the halo hood system - an industry first designed for enhanced airway protection. This is achieved through improved bladder and spray hood compatibility, and a new double halo construction. As a result, the spray hood is fully self-supporting once deployed and sits significantly higher above the face.

The Halo is available with a fully integrated Emergency Breathing System (EBS). The bespoke Survitec EBS has been designed to be deployed in one swift movement and features a carbon composite cylinder, braided low pressure hose and second stage with integrated nose clip.

Weighing in at just 949g, the EBS is 43% lighter than previous Survitec models and 30% lighter than competing products.

Plus, with a working pressure of 310 bar, the cylinder provides 80% more breathable air than the industry minimum standard.Halo is the first aviation lifejacket to utilise Fusion 3D technology, allowing for a much more ergonomic jacket that adapts to the shape of the wearer for enhanced comfort. Particular attention has been paid to improving comfort around the neck and arms.

This, combined with the lifejacket’s slimline profile and the reduction in EBS size, takes into consideration the restrictive space and movement within the helicopter – allowing for greater freedom of movement for the wearer during transit.


  • Durable Nomex cover
  • Quick find beaded manual pull toggle
  • Halo hood system
  • Slimline quick lock buckle
  • One size fits all
  • Available with fully integrated EBS
  • Available with AU10-HTS PLB
  • Unique bladder buoyancy distribution
  • Patented bladder design to improve liferaft boarding
  • Built in inflatable chin support for airway protection
  • Manual oral inflation tube for additional air top up

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Survitec Halo Passenger lifejacket 直升機自動充氣式救生衣

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