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Survitec Crewfit Crewfit 275N XD Wipe Clean 自動充氣式救生衣 

The Crewfit 275N XD offers the ultimate advanced comfort and performance technologies. The modular design creates a comprehensive catalogue including a choice of covers, inflation and harness options.Fusion 3D technology provides complete freedom of movement and ensures the lifejacket remains comfortable even during long periods of use, whilst the unique design with built-in twin waist adjusters allows for easy donning.
The wipe-clean cover helps to ensure increased longevity when used continuously in the harshest of working environments, whilst the fabric shoulder panels retain a comfortable fit.It’s what’s inside that counts.
The 275N bladder outperforms approval and offers 290N worth of buoyancy. The unique buoyancy distribution provides exceptional turning solutions even when wearing heavy clothing. The bladder is highly visible on inflation and hosts an impressive array of features including built-in chin support, location beacon attachment points and dual lifting beckets.


  • Modular, wipe clean heavy-duty 500D outer cover ideal for busy commercial environments
  • EXOLOK provides a clear indication if the cylinder moves, becomes unscrewed or is tampered with
  • The ergonomic Fusion 3D design moulds to the shape of your body for maximum comfort
  • Intuitive twin waist adjusters to ensure a correct fit
  • Removable dual crotch straps to eliminate ride-up
  • Dual lifting becket to aid recoveryIndicator window fitted with a protective panel for quick glance firing mechanism inspection
  • Unique buoyancy distribution helps turn you quickly when in the water



Crewfit 275N XD 採用了先進的技術。Fusion 3D 技術提供了極佳活動自由度,確保救生衣即使在長時間使用時也能保持舒適,而內置雙腰部調節器的獨特設計則方便了穿戴。


275N 氣囊的浮力值為 290N,遠遠超過了標準值。即使穿著厚重的衣服,獨特的浮力分佈也能提供出色的解決方案。氣囊在充氣時非常醒目,並具有一系列令人印象深刻的功能,包括內置下巴支撐、定位信標連接點和雙托架。

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Survitec Crewfit Crewfit 275N XD Wipe Clean 自動充氣式救生衣  ​​​​​​​

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