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Hansen Protection SeaRescue Neoprene 極地水上防寒搜救救援衣






  • 搜救人員在寒冷環境下的首選服裝,專為救援人員開發的水面作業服
  • 5毫米防水氯丁橡膠,提供保溫和浮力
  • 熱反射氯丁橡膠--泰坦夾層襯裡
  • 雙層焊縫和反光帶
  • 對角線水密拉鍊,帶有獨立的氯丁橡膠頸部密封條
  • 手動/手動充氣閥,用於調節浮力和保溫效果
  • 氯丁橡膠袖口
  • 可拆卸的兜帽、手套和袋子
  • 兜帽和手套口袋
  • 無線電口袋
  • 筆袋
  • 腿部加固的PU層壓材料
  • 可與腳蹼一起使用的靴子

  • SeaRescue Neoprene
  • SeaRescue is a special suit for surface rescue swimmers and SAR crew. The concept was developed in cooperation with the Norwegian Royal Air Force 330 Squadron (Rescue Service). The suit is made from 5mm neoprene with a heat-reflecting Titan inner lining that provides both warmth and buoyancy. The suit has many practical and functional features that make it well adapted to meet the needs of many different types of emergency services. Among other things, the integral boots can be used in combination with flippers. SeaRescue is the first choice for SAR crew who works in cold conditions.


  • Facts

  • Surface Operations Suit developed for rescue crews
  • 5 mm waterproof neoprene providing insulation and buoyancy
  • Heat reflecting neoprene - Titan laminated lining
  • Double-welded seams and reflective tape
  • Diagonal watertight zip with separate neoprene neck seal
  • Manual/oral inflation valve for regulating buoyancy and insulation
  • Neoprene cuffs
  • Detachable hood, gloves and bag
  • Pocket for hood and gloves
  • Radio pocket
  • Pen pocket
  • Lower leg reinforcement in PU laminate
  • Boots for use with flippers
  • The prefered suit for SAR crew in cold operations


Hansen Protection SeaRescue Neoprene 極地水上防寒搜救救援衣

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