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RPB Safety Nova 3 Blasting Helmet with C40 Climate Control

  • MADE IN USA - Made in our factory in Royal Oak Michigan using domestically sourced componentry.
  • ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE - can be cooled by up to 52°F (29°C) or warmed by up to 33°F (18°C)
  • COMPLETE KIT - NV3-750 Nylon Cape, NV2021B Breathing Tube, 03-501 C40 Climate Control Device
  • LARGE FIELD OF VIEW - Widened perspective provides optimal downward and peripheral field of view.
  • COMFORT - Ratchet adjustable padding system creates a scure, custom fit.
  • EASE OF USE - Large glove sized latch that is easy to locate and use.
  • The Nova 3 Blast Helmet is the industry #1 for operator comfort
  • Has comfort padding inside like a motorcycle helmet, which means it distributes the weight evenly, and also turns with your head
  • Gives up to 20dB noise attenuation
  • NIOSH Safety Approval with a 1000 APF (assigned protection factor)
  • 美國製造 - 位於密歇根州工廠製造。
  • 可調溫度 - 可冷卻至華氏52度(約攝氏29度),或加熱溫度高達33度(18°C)。
  • 完整套件 - NV3-750 尼龍斗篷、NV2021B 呼吸管、03-501 C40 氣候控制裝置
  • 大視野 - 擴闊的視角提供最佳的向下和周邊視野。
  • 舒適 - 棘輪可調式襯墊系統可營造出可視的貼合度。
  • 易於使用 - 大型閂鎖,易於定位和使用。
  • Nova 3 噴砂防護頭盔在操作舒適度行業第一
  • 內部有舒適的襯墊,就像摩托車頭盔一樣,這意味著它能均勻分佈重量,還能隨頭部轉動
  • 噪音衰減高達 20 分貝通過
  • NIOSH 安全認證,具有 1000 APF 


RPB Safety Nova 3 噴砂頭盔,附C40氣候控制器

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