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The Radex Airline Filter is a NIOSH approved filter for supplied air respirators.. The Radex airline filter is the heart of the GVS / RPB breathing air system.  Features as follows:

  • Advanced Filtration.  6-stage filtering removes oils, odors, moisture, and particulates from breathing air
  • Durable.  Cast aluminum construction for lightweight durability on jobsites as well as in factories.
  • Flexible.  Can be either floor or wall mounted using the included twist-and-lock bracket
  • Other included features.
    • 150 PSI safety pressure relief valve
    • Chicago 2-claw coupling inlet port
    • Quick Connect outlet ports
    • Brass manual drain tap
    • Pressure regulator to adjust outlet air pressure
    • Replaceable APF3100 filter element (lasts up to 3 months or 400 working hours)
  • Options.
    • Auto Drain Unit.  Automatically drains moisture from Radex, helping to prevent premature failure to the filter element due to maintenance oversight.
    • Micro Mist Filter.  Further removes moisture and oil. Recommended if compressor has possible moisture or oil blow-by issues.  Reduces chance of oil contamination of CO monitor sensor.
    • Mainline Pre-Filter.  Extra support for particulate removal down to 0.15 microns and extends life of primary filter element. 

NOTE:  This unit does not filter or monitor carbon monoxide (CO).  It is designed to be used with the RPB GX4 Carbon Monoxide monitor.

RPB® RADEX 噴砂專用空氣濾清器/ 2 出氣口

Radex 空氣篩檢程式是 GVS / RPB 呼吸空氣系統的核心部件。 具有以下特點:

  • 高級過濾;6級過濾可去除呼吸空氣中的油、氣味、濕氣和微粒。
  • 耐用: 鑄鋁結構,在工作現場和工廠均輕便耐用。
  • 靈活: 可使用隨附的扭鎖支架安裝在地面或牆壁上


  • 150 PSI 安全泄壓閥
  • 芝加哥雙爪接頭介面
  • 快速連接出口埠
  • 黃銅手動排水龍頭 用於調節出口氣壓的壓力調節器
  • APF3100 篩檢濾芯(使用壽命長達3個月或 400個工作小時)

    選購設備 :
  • 自動排水裝置: 自動排出 Radex 中的濕氣,有助於防止濾芯因維護疏忽而過早失效。
  • 微霧篩檢裝置: 進一步去除濕氣和油。如果壓縮機可能存在排濕或排油問題,建議使用。 減少油污染CO監測器感測器的機會。
  • 主管預篩裝置:。 額外支援去除小至 0.15 微米的微粒,並延長主濾芯的使用壽命。
  • RPB GX4 一氧化碳監測儀。


RPB® RADEX Airline Filter - 2-out 噴砂專用空氣濾清器/ 2 出氣口

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