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Hansen Protection 零度°C水上救難服

SeaRescue II is specially designed suit with features for rescue work in rivers and on ice; - and for rescue swimmers in general. The suit is reinforced in exposed areas such as the knees, seat and elbows. Its unique construction gives the user full freedom of movement. Choose between fixed (latex) neck-seal or adjustable neoprene neck seal.

  • Main fabric in soft, durable and breathable HP Superlight 3L
  • Yellow colour and SOLAS approved reflective patches for good visibility
  • Robust waterproof diagonal seal in PU that works smoothly (TiZip Masterseal)
  • Detachable elastic braces for individual adjustment
  • Reinforced seat, elbows and knees for maximum durability
  • Spacious thigh pocket as well as pockets on the sleeves
  • Neck and sleeve seals in latex for maximum water tightness, and with protective cuffs
  • Option for choice of adjustable neck seal in neoprene - perfect for ventilation of excess heat in non-exposed situations
  • Unique construction provides good fit and maximum freedom of movement
  • Integral rubber and neoprene boots with soft sole for good mobility and protection
  • Suitable for use with flippers
  • Strong loop inside for easy storage when not in use
  • Automatic valve on sleeve / shoulder ensures maximum evacuation of air from the suit

    SeaRescue II 是專為在河流和冰面上救援工作以及一般游泳救援人員設計的潛水服。該潛水服在膝蓋、座椅和肘部等裸露部位進行了加固。其獨特的結構為使用者提供了充分的活動自由。可選擇固定式(乳膠)頸部密封圈或可調節氯丁橡膠頸部密封圈。
  • 特點:
  • 主面料為柔軟、耐用、透氣的 HP Superlight 3L
  • 黃色和經 SOLAS 認證的反光貼,能見度高堅固耐用的 PU 防水對角密封條(TiZip Masterseal),使用順暢可拆卸的彈性支架,可進行單獨調整
  • 加固的臀部、肘部和膝部,最大限度地提高耐用性
  • 寬敞的大腿口袋和袖子口袋頸部和袖子採用乳膠密封,具有最大的防水密封性,並配有保護性袖口
  • 可選擇氯丁橡膠材質的可調式頸部封條--非常適合在非暴露環境下散發多餘熱量
  • 獨特的結構提供了良好的合身性和最大的活動自由度
  • 帶軟底的橡膠和氯丁橡膠一體式靴子,具有良好的活動性和保護性
  • 適合與腳蹼一起使用
  • 內有結實的環,不用時便於存放
  • 袖子/肩部的自動閥門可確保最大限度地排出潛水衣內的空氣


Hansen Protection 零度°C水上救難服 SeaRescue II

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