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Knipex 00 20 12 3 Piece Electro Pack VDE Pliers Set
Any professional electrician knows that always having the right tools on hand is an essential part of the job. The Knipex electricians pliers set takes the guesswork out of buying specialist electrician’s pliers by offering you a three-piece set, containing all the most essential pliers for electrical work. Whether you’re building your first toolkit, or are a seasoned professional who demands nothing but the best from your tools, this kit is an excellent choice.

For those who rely on high-quality pliers to get the job done on a daily basis, Knipex requires no introduction. This company produces some of the world’s best specialized, professional pliers for a staggering array of applications, and the multiple awards that they have secured for innovation and quality are a testament to this.

All pliers in this set are oil hardened and tempered and then separately induction-hardened. This produces a tool that will offer you absolute durability and long service life. All pliers are VDE tested, so you can rest assured that you won’t be putting yourself in danger when working on electrical equipment with these VDE pliers set.

任何專業電工都知道,合適的工具是工作成功的要件。 Knipex 3 pcx電工鉗套組爲您提供所有電氣工作中最重要的鉗子,使您在購買專業電工鉗時不再費神。無論你是在建立你的第一個工具包,還是一個經驗豐富的專業人員,這套工具都是一個很好的選擇。 對于那些依靠高品質的鉗子來完成日常工作的專業工作者來說,Knipex不需要介紹。它生産世界上最好的專業鉗子,應用範圍非常廣泛,他們因創新和質量而獲得的多個獎項就是最好的證明。 這套工具中的所有鉗子都經過油淬和回火,然後單獨進行感應淬火。這樣生産出來的工具將爲您提供絕對的耐用性和長期的使用壽命。所有的鉗子都經過VDE測試,所以你可以放心,使用這些VDE鉗子在電氣設備上工作時,不會使自己處于危險之中。 特點: 工具裝在一個帶透明蓋子的塑料盤中 堅固的紙板包裝確保您的工具在拆開包裝時處於完美狀態 鉗子經過VDE測試,符合DIN EN/IEC 60900 1000V標準 兩端鍍鉻,手柄爲複合握把

Tools come in a plastic deep-drawn tray with transparent lid
Attractive sales packaging with Euro standard perforation
Sturdy cardboard packaging ensures your tools will be in perfect condition by the time you unpack them
Pliers are VDE-tested in conformance with DIN EN/IEC 60900 1000V
Chrome-plated ends and handles with multi-component grips

Width: 220 mm
Height: 300 mm
Depth: 40 mm
Weight: 0.960 kg

0306180 Combination Pliers (180 mm)
2616200 Long Nose Side Cutters (200 mm)
7006160 Diagonal Cutter Pliers (160 mm)

* VDE是德國國家產品標誌。VDE測試機構和認證協會是德國電器工程師協會的下屬機構,它成立於1920年,作為一個國際認可的電子電器及其零部件安全測試及出證機構,在歐洲乃至國際上都享有很高的知名度。

Germany Knipex VDE 1000V 3 pcs Electro Pliers Set絶緣鉗子三件組 尖嘴鉗 斜口斜 鋼絲鉗

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