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FlexiTog Cold Store -15°C ~ -35°C Coverall 冷凍庫防寒連身服
Classic Coldstore Coveralls

The X28C Coldstore coveralls are manufactured to the highest quality, using Clo insulation & HTY2 Fabric.

These freezer coveralls have an ergonomic design, ensuring maximum comfort and warmth in cold storage environments.

The patented FlexEasy sleeve design helps reduce wearer fatigue in the most demanding roles.

FlexEasy - greater flexibility and easy movement of arms.

Clo Insulation - Superior Warmth and ComfortArm pockets

Designed to EN ISO 342:2017

Specifications High fleeced collar
Beard GuardLoop on chest for radio holder

Knee pad pockets

2200 g


X28C Coldstore 連身服採用 Clo 絕熱材料和 HTY2 織物製造,品質佳。


獲得專利的 FlexEasy 袖子設計有助於在要求最苛刻的崗位上減輕穿著者的疲勞。

FlexEasy - 更靈活,手臂活動自如。

Clo 保暖--卓越的保暖性和舒適性臂袋

設計符合 EN ISO 342:2017 標準

規格 高彈力衣領



2200 g

FlexiTog 產品型錄:

FlexiTog Cold Store -15°C ~ -35°C Coverall 冷凍庫防寒連身服

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