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FlexiTog Chiller Jacket +5 ~ -5°C 背心/長袖可變防寒反光外套

The Endurance Active Combination jacket is the ultimate all rounder. The removable sleeves mean this jacket can be easily transformed into a gilet, providing the perfect level of warmth whatever your activity or environment.
Also Featuring the popular FlexEasy stretch technology inside and out, and lightweight durable fabrics making it a true FlexiTog product - warm and comfortable!
The breathable insulation and the choice of materials used are designed to transport moisture away from the body whilst retaining warmth for maximum comfort.
The FlexEasy feature on the arms and shoulders also provides maximum flexibility whilst bending and stretching.

  • EN 14058: 2017
  • Removable sleeves which allow you to regulate your body temperature
  • Built in reflective bands giving you additional safety.
  • Manufactured in EuropeFlexEasy - 4-way stretch fabric panel on the inside and out, joining the sleeve and the body, designed to offer greater flexibility and easy movement of arms.
  • Clo Insulation - Clo Insulation provides great comfort & warmth whilst being extremely lightweight and non-bulky
  • Multiple Pockets - Pockets on the sleeve, chest, internal zipped and Velcro pockets and four large pockets on the front.High fleeced collar - Providing more comfort than a standard collar.
  • This also enables the wearer more freedom of movement for their head, in turn reducing stress and fatigue.
  • Lightweight material - Lightweight material on the back of the jacket helps reduce fatigue for the user, at the same time as aiding breathability.
  • 1250g

Endurance Active 組合夾克是一款全能型夾克。可拆卸的袖子可以很容易地變爲背心,無論您從事何種活動或身處何種環境,它都能爲您提供完美的保暖效果。

這款夾克還採用了廣受歡迎的 FlexEasy彈力技術和輕質耐用面料!


手臂和肩部的 FlexEasy在彎曲和伸展時提供最大的靈活性。

  • EN 14058: 2017
  • 可拆卸的袖子易於調節體溫
  • 反光帶,爲您提供更多安全保障。
  • 歐洲製造
  • FlexEasy -四向彈力織物,連接袖子和身體,提供更大的靈活性,方便手臂活動。
  • Clo保暖材料可提供極佳的舒適度和保暖性,同時非常輕便、不臃腫。
  • 多個口袋 - 衣袖口袋、胸前口袋、內部拉錬口袋,以及肚子的四個大口袋。
  • 絨毛高領 - 比標準衣領更舒適,使穿著者頭部活動更自由,從而減輕壓力和疲勞。
  • 輕質材料 - 夾克後背的輕質材料有助減輕使用者的疲勞,同時還能幫助他們更好地穿戴。
  • 1250g

FlexiTog 產品型錄:

FlexiTog Chiller Jacket +5 ~ -5°C DJ 背心/長袖可變防寒反光外套

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