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FlexiTog Chiller Jacket +5 ~ -5°C 防寒外套

Manufactured using a combination of our HTTY Fabric, IFX Thermo Wadding and ReachEasy technology makes this garment one of the most versatile and durable on the market. Ideal for use in chiller or cold atmospheres.

Defence technology - this garment uses specialist insulation and materials so that it can withstand 30 washes without losing it's thermal performance. 


  • EN 342 2017 0,381(B) 2, X
  • Manufactured in Europe.
  • High Fleece Collar - Dual layered for extra warmth.
  • HTTY Rip-stop external fabric for increased durability.
  • Nylon Cuffs - Resilient to wear for increased durability.
  • Opti Zip - No.8 nylon coil zipper to BS3084 rating.
  • Anti-rot thread for protection from wear in extreme conditions.
  • Built-in Hi-Viz for increased safety and visibility.
  • IFX Thermo Reactive Wadding keeps you at the optimum temperature.
  • Elastic Waistband helps keep the garment in place ensuring comfort and warmth.
  • OEKO TEX Standard 100
  • Weight: 870g

采用 HTTY織物、IFX Thermo Wadding 和 ReachEasy 技術,是市場上用途最廣、最耐用的服裝之一。非常適合在寒冷環境中使用。


  • EN 342 2017 0,381(B) 2, X
  • 歐洲製造。
  • 高毛領 - 雙層設計,更加保暖。
  • HTTY防撕裂外層面料,更加耐用。
  • 尼龍袖口 - 耐磨損,更耐用。
  • Opti 拉錬-符合 BS3084 標準的8號尼龍螺旋拉煉。
  • 防旋綫可在極端條件下防止磨損。
  • Hi-Viz,可提高安全性和能見度。IFX保暖層可保持最佳溫度。
  • 鬆緊帶有助于保持衣服的位置,確保舒適和保暖。
  • OEKO TEX Standard 100
  • Weight: 870g

FlexiTog 產品型錄:

FlexiTog Chiller Jacket +5 ~ -5°C 防寒外套

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