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ErgoFit 290N Rope Access Solas SOLAS 自動充氣式救生衣 

Designed for the offshore wind industry, for crew vessel transfer (CTV) and working-at-height on the turbine. The ErgoFit SOLAS lifejacket is an ergonomic constant wear solution with uncompromising in-water protection, including its fast-rotating inflation bladder and the EXOLOK cylinder retention system.


  • Market leading – high volume, sculpted bladder for superior in-water protection and performance
  • EXOLOK enhances your safety by locking the gas cylinder securely in place
  • Ergonomic Fusion 3D design ensures you remain comfortable, even for long durations
  • Dynamic cutaway design allows full freedom of movement in extreme conditions
  • Padded airmesh internal construction to provide further comfort
  • Finely calibrate the fit with the dual side adjusters to reflect what you’re wearing
  • Compatible with leading fall arrest harness types from Petzl, Skylotec and Cresto
  • Compatible with most PLB- brands, may activate automatically on inflation
  • HALO Integrated hood with easy deployment for enhanced airway protection - twin stays which reduces the risk of the collapse when hit by a wave

    市場領先 - 高容量、立體氣囊,提供卓越的水中保護和性能
  • EXOLOK 可將氣瓶牢牢鎖住,從而提高安全性
  • 符合人體工程學的 Fusion 3D 設計確保您即使長時間使用也能保持舒適
  • 動態鏤空設計使您在嚴苛環境下也能活動自如
  • 多孔墊布結構進一步提高了穿著舒適度
  • 雙側調節器用以微調貼合度,以反映您的穿著情況
  • 與 Petzl、Skylotec 和 Cresto 的主要防墜落安全帶相容
  • 與大多數 PLB 品牌相容,可在充氣時自動啟動
  • HALO 集成式頭罩,易於展開,可加強呼吸道保護--雙支架可降低被海浪衝擊時頭罩坍塌的風險


Survitec Marine-Safe 全系列產品:

ErgoFit 290N Rope Access Solas SOLAS 自動充氣式救生衣

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