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BULLARD SE4 防霧款 護目鏡 不可同時配戴眼鏡  SAFETY GLASSES
Lens Color: Clear

Bullard SE4 Safety Glasses have an integrated dual material nose piece for added comfort and stability. Protective eyewear contoured for greater airflow and molded from a dielectric material for superior anti-static properties. Perfect for athletes or general workers with an extremely physical vocation who need a durable and resilient non-slip design for their safety glasses.

產品說明 /

◼︎ 重量:28.5g

◼︎ 材質證明:鏡片 / PC /透明色/    鏡腳 / PC

◼︎ 適用作業環境:切割研磨、實驗室、化學液體噴濺、休閒運動

◼︎ 符合規範:符合CNS 7177逐批檢驗認證、ANSI Z87.1合格

◼︎ 產地:台灣

◼︎ 99.99% 紫外線防護

◼︎ 強化防刮鏡片符合 ANSI / ISEA Z87.1規格

◼︎ 高效防霧款

◼︎ 不可同時配戴近視眼鏡

BULLARD SE4 Goggle 護目鏡 ANSI Z87.1

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