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Bullard S51 Hard Hat 安全帽  (20,000V)

BULLARD SAFETY美國企業為工程帽發明者,且成立至今100的歷史。標準型的Bullard® S51工程帽採用低重心、獨特溝槽設計加上專利內襯懸吊系統,兼具了美觀以及舒適性。

產品特色 /

1. 可替換的聚酯纖維頭枕提供您最佳的舒適感。
2. 獨特溝槽設計,可有效阻隔雨水、髒污與灰塵。
3. 特殊的孔縫設計,可便於裝上各類的配件(耳罩和臉部防護面罩等)。
4. 內襯前後各兩處可依個人頭型做垂直調整,配戴起來更加安全合適。
5. 為同級安全帽中重量最輕盈的工程帽,使用者配戴舒適。
6. 可印公司名稱、LOGO、編號或貼反光條等(價格另計)。
7. 美製工程帽比市面上台製或中國製的使用年限更長且安全。
8. Made in USA。

 The S51 offers a low-profile shell design and is loaded with upgraded features and benefits. With its 4-point suspension system, users can choose from a pinlock or upgraded Flex-Gear® ratchet suspension with a pillowed cotton, super-absorbent, poly brow pad. The S51 is ideal for the construction and everyday work environments.

Specific Features:
• Your choice of either the self-sizing 4-point pinlock suspension (RS4PP) or 4-point dielectric, Flex-Gear ratchet suspension (RS4RP). The upgraded suspension system provides a more comfortable, secure fit.
• Pinlock suspension – Incremental sizing of 1/16" hat size (5mm) makes a secure fit easy. • Ratchet suspension – Ratchet suspensions can be adjusted between hat sizes 6 1 /2 "- 8".
• Replaceable poly brow pad is pillowed for maximum comfort. Velcro replacement brow pads are available in absorbent cotton, a cooling material, or a vinyl material.
• Rain trough provides extra protection against snow, rain, dust and dirt.
• Features accessory slots for attaching a variety of accessories such as earmuffs and face protection, including those of other manufacturers.
• Pad print capability in up to eight different locations on the hat – logos may have up to six colors per location.
• Two-year warranty. Bullard’s reputation can be seen in the attention to detail on comfort and fit.
• Vertical height adjustment capability (two front, two rear) allow for a personal, secure fit.
• One of the lightest helmets of its class.
• Distinctive Three-Rib trademark.
• Made in the USA

Weight (with suspension): 12 oz / 340g
ANSI/ISEA Classification: Z89.1-2014, Type I, Class E and G
CSA Classification: Z94.1-2015, Type 1, Class E and G
Identifying Marks: Three ribs
Warning Labels: Yes
Decorating Capability: Yes
Instructions with Unit: Yes # of Standard Colors: 20

Outer Shell
Material: High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
Style: Cap
Accessory Slots: Yes
Chin Strap Attachment: Yes
Rain Trough: Yes
Width – 8.63" (219.20 mm)
Length – 11.5" (292.1 mm)
Height – 6.35" (161.29 mm)
Suspension Type: Pinlock or Ratchet: Pinlock (RS4PP) Ratchet (RS4RP)

Bullard S51 Hard Hat 安全帽 (20,000V)

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