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BOP Glass Fiber  Heat-Resistant Helmet 耐高溫強化安全帽 (Temp Resist> 500°C)



  • 熱工業
  • 化學工業
  • 紫外綫照射强的工作
  • 對多方面保護要求高的 "高性能全能頭盔"


  • 高溫下尺寸穩定
  • 高抗穿透性和抗衝擊强度
  • 高側向剛度
  • 對化學品不敏感
  • 老化穩定性高(使用壽命長)。
  • 通過符合人體工程學、可調節高度的懸架,實現高佩戴舒適度和安全貼合。
  • 頦帶支架。


  • UP-GF玻璃纖維增强的不飽和聚酯。


  • 直綫頭盔形狀。


  • DIN EN 397歐洲工業安全頭盔標準。

<<**銷售帽本體, 不含前面罩鋁框>> 

Main applications:

✓ Hot industries

✓ Chemical industry

✓ Jobs with high UV exposure

✓ Jobs with high, many-sided protection requirements “high-performance all-round helmet “


Product benefits:

✓ Dimensionally stable at high temperatures

✓ High penetration resistance and impact strength

✓ High lateral rigidity

✓ Insensitive to chemicals

✓ High ageing stability (long service life)

✓ High wear comfort and secure fit through ergonomically formed, height-adjustable suspension

✓ Chinstrap holder.


Helmet shell material: UP-GF glass fibre reinforced unsaturated polyester.

Outer shell: Straight helmet shape.


Certification: DIN EN 397 European standard for industrial safety helmets.


Giordani Giancarlo 型錄:

BOP Glass Fiber Heat-Resistant Helmet 耐高溫強化安全帽 (> 500°C)

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