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Womens X AIRFLOW™  RIPSTOP SHIRT  (100% Cotton Ripstop 150gsm)

  • UPF 40

Bisley X Airflow™ ventilation at multiple heat stress areas

Two chest pockets with touch tape closure

Pen division and hidden phone pouch on left chest pocket

Two sleeve patch pockets with touch tape flaps and pen division
Hidden roll up sleeve tab in sleeve pocket

Two piece structured collar

Contoured shape two piece sleeve

Two button adjustable sleeve cuff


100% Cotton Ripstop 150gsm

100% Cotton Open Mesh 125gsm
SIZES 6 - 24


  • 兩個胸前口袋,有魔鬼沾封口
  • 左胸袋上有鋼筆分區
  • 兩個上臂口袋,有魔鬼沾封口和筆袋,袖袋裡有隱藏的卷起袖子的布環
  • 兩件式結構衣領
  • 兩件式袖子的輪廓形狀
  • 雙扣可調袖口



Bisley Catalog 型錄:



.Bisley Womens 100%Cotton X AIRFLOW Shirt 腋/背網眼通風長袖襯衫

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