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AL Man FR Trouser 鋁行者護腳工作褲 (Magma Long)
 5626 87


  • EN ISO 11612  A1+A2 B1 C1 D3 E3 F1
  • IEC 61482-2  CL.1 ARC RATING: 9,5 cal/cm²
  • EN ISO 11611  CL.1 A1+A2


特別的阻燃纖維製成,對流動性高熔鋁(ISO 9185)具極高的保護力,同時對其它數種金屬熔液亦具極佳防護力。



顏色: 深藍色/黃色
370 g/m²
尺寸: 30"- 50"R, 32"- 40"T, 30"- 48"S


Inherent Flame Retardant trousers with shoe protection in a comfortable fabric with the highest protection against molten aluminium. The fabric also has good properties against other molten metals.

Front pockets. Hip pocket with flap. Strengthened ruler pocket with flap. Shoe protection and heavy protection on the lower front of the legs. Thin reflective stripes on the back of the legs.


802: Reinforcing fabric, Barricader EP, 545 g/m²

873: Magma C, 370 g/m², EN ISO 11611 CL.2, ISO 9185 Cryolite, LOI: 25,9%

874: Fluorescent, Magma HV, 375 g/m², EN ISO 11611 CL.2, ISO 9185 Cryolite, EN ISO 20471, LOI: 33,4%

.AL Man FR Trouser 鋁行者護腳工作褲 (Magma Long)

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