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AROPEC Waterproof Duffle Bag 90L

Strong, waterproof, does the job!
If ever there was a gear bag designed to do the job, the Aropec Waterproof Duffle Bag 90L is it! This duffle bag is made of super strong tarpaulin material and is not so fussy that you’d be afraid to toss in used equipment after a battle of a day.
It comes with a mesh pocket on the front side and is a no-nonsense, matte black color.
Not only that, it’s waterproof, has a 90L capacity, and is excellent for use out on the boat, camping, at work, or anywhere.

  • Tarpaulin material
  • Shoulder strap
  • Mesh pocket on front side
  • Size: 80 x 37cm diameter
  • Capacity: 90L
  • Color: Matte Black



.AROPEC Waterproof Duffle Bag 90L 手提肩背2用防水裝備袋

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