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Hansen Protection SeaLife Pro 50N Lightweight Life Jacket 輕薄救生衣 (長時工作輕薄型)



符合人體工程學的實用50N救生衣,適用商業漁民和在養魚場工作的任何人。SeaLife PRO 50N是專門爲日常工作中需持續穿著救生衣的人開發的。符合人體工程學設計,幷采用了獨特的輕質高浮力泡棉,經過打孔處理,可提供最佳的通風效果。爲了提高舒適度,泡棉分割成多板塊,以提供良好的活動自由度。許多實用細節使其成爲一件舒適和實用的工作救生衣。


  • ISO 12402-5
  • 50N
  • 特殊的穿孔、薄輕的泡棉提供了良好的可移動性和通風。
  • 可調節的肩帶
  • 可拆卸的對講機口袋
  • 集成式護套
  • 實用的拉錬口袋
  • 襠部固定帶
  • 襠部帶上的額外口袋
  • 連接安全繩的D形環
  • 側面由透氣性好的彈性材料製成,活動性强
  • 符合人體工程學的設計,具有良好的透氣性和活動性
  • 胸部和腰部帶子
  • 天綫環
  • 3種尺寸  M: 40 - 85 kg, L: 50 - 90 kg, XL: 90 kg+

    SeaLife Pro 50NAn ergonomic and practical 50N lifejacket for commercial fishermen and anyone working on fish farms. SeaLife PRO 50N has been specially developed for those who need to continuously wear a lifejacket in their daily work. The lifejacket has been ergonomically designed and uses a unique lightweight buoyancy foam that is perforated to provide the best possible ventilation. For extra comfort, the foam is also split in panels to provide good freedom of movement. Its many practical details make this a comfortable and functional working lifejacket.FactsSpecial perforated, thin, lightweight foam provide excellent movability and improved ventilationAdjustable shoulder strapsVelcro for detachable radio pocket (can be placed on left or right side)Integrated sheathPractical zip pocketCrotch strapExtra pocket on crotch strapD-ring for attaching safety lineSides made of breathable, elastic material for better movabilityErgonomic design for good ventilation and movabilityChest and waist beltsAntenna loop3 sizes: M: 40 - 85 kg, L: 50 - 90 kg, XL: 90 kg+


Hansen Protection SeaLife Pro 50N Light Life Jacket 輕薄救生衣 (長時工作輕薄型)

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