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519395 - Switch


EN ISO 11612 A1 B2 C2 F2

IEC 61482-2 APC 2 ELIM: 40,0 cal/cm² EBT: 44,0 cal/cm²

EN 1149-5

EN 13034 type PB[6]

OEKO TEX 100Non-metal and Inherent Flame Retardant coat with velcro closing for "quick release" that reaches PPE category 4 (higher than 40 cal/cm²).The coat has fluorescent fabric over the shoulders for increased visibility and is made of a soft, wind and water-resistant softshell fabric.COLOUR 94 yellow/navySIZES, S, L, XXL, 4XLQuality955: Windtech FR 550, 550 g/m², wind and water resistant無金屬和純質阻燃大衣,帶魔術貼封口,達到PPE 4級(高於40 Cal)。該大衣的肩部有螢光織物以提高能見度,由柔軟的防風和防撥水軟織物製成。

Switch AR Coat 40Cal 開關人防電弧袍(HRC4)

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