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OXXA X-MECH 51-630 Armor Skin protective gloves Product information

OXXA X-Mech 51-630 work gloves are made of wear-resistant Armor Skin® material and have an excellent fit. The orange fluorescent Mechanic gloves guarantee additional visibility.

Applications: Handling construction materials, working with machinery, warehouse work, maintenance, public service, goods handling, leisure, road and water construction.


  • EN 388: 2003 (
  • PPE protection class: category II

Other features:

  • Material: wear-resistant Armor Skin®.
  • The preformed fingers follow the natural contours of the hand, so the gloves are very comfortable
  • With flexible, breathable spandex back with ergonomically placed foam reinforcements
  • Velcro closure provides a flexible fit
  • The orange fluorescent back increases visibility, making this an ideal glove for road work for example
  • Colour: black/fluorescent orange
  • Sizes: 8 to 11
  • VE: 12 / 72 pair

    OXXA X-MECH 51-630 Armor Skin 防護手套 產品資訊OXXA X-Mech 51-630 工作手套由耐磨的 Armor Skin® 材料製成,非常合手。
    應用: 搬運建築材料、使用機械 處理建築材料、機械作業、倉庫工作、維護、公共服務、貨物處理、休閒、道路和水利建設。
  • 符合標準:EN 388: 2003 (個人防護設備防護等級:第二類
  • 材料:耐磨 Armor Skin®。
  • 預成型手指緊貼手部自然輪廓,
  • 佩戴舒適背部採用柔韌透氣的氨綸材料,並根據人體工程學原理放置了泡沫加固材料
  • 魔術貼開合,靈活貼身
  • 背部採用橙色螢光材料,提高了能見度,是道路作業的理想手套

OXXA X-MECH 51-630 Armor Skin protective gloves

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