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Jackson Safety PL 280 Welding Hood for Pipeline - Flip Front Welding Helmet
- Shade 10 (Multiple Headgear Styles and Colors)

About this item

  • COMPACT DESIGN FOR PIPELINES - The Jackson Safety PL280 is a traditional bucket style welding hood that allows access to small spaces and tight areas. Molded from Super Tuff Nylon, it is lighter than fiberglass and built to perform under the harshest welding extremes. Suitable for overhead welding applications
  • LIFT FRONT FLEXIBILITY - Spring-loaded lift front eliminates the need to raise the welding helmet during pre/post preparation work
  • SAFE & CLEAR VISION - Comes with a high impact polycarbonate window and 2” x 4.25” Shade 10 filter. Meets ANSI Z87.1+ and CSA Z94.1 standards. Plus specially designed lens retention system provides easy loading of filter, cover, and protective plates
  • PERFECT FIT - Patented 370 Speed Dial ratcheting headgear with “Qwik-Fit” rear swivel headband and “Easy Grip-Easy Turn” ratcheting adjuster knob to maximize comfort. With specially designed shape for use with cartridge respirators.



  • 適用於管道區維修的設計 - Jackson Safety PL280 是傳統的桶式焊接罩,可進入狹小空間和狹窄區域。
  • 以 Super Tuff 尼龍製成,比玻璃纖維更輕,在最嚴苛的焊接極端下執行。
  • 適用於向上角度焊接 - 彈簧式升降濾鏡無需在準備前/後工作中抬起焊接頭盔
  • 安全清晰的視野 - 配有高衝擊聚碳酸酯透鏡和 2 英吋 x 4 英吋(約 5.1cm x 10.8 cm) Shade 10 濾鏡。
  • 符合 ANSI Z87.1+ 和 CSA Z94.1 標準。 加上特別設計的鏡片固定系統,可輕鬆裝載濾鏡、蓋和保護板。
  • 完美貼合頭部 - 專利的 370 快速撥號棘輪頭盔,配備「Qwik-Fit」後旋轉頭帶和「輕鬆轉動」棘輪調節旋鈕,最大程度地提高舒適度。
  • 採用特殊設計的形狀,可搭配吸入式呼吸過濾器。
  • 美國製造


Jackson Safety PL 280 Welding Hood for Pipeline - Flip Front

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