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Italy Giordani 100°C Gloves 鋁箔耐高溫防熱輻射手套 (moq:10 pairs; the price is for 10 pairs)
Mode: 100RC
Five fingers gloves, total length 33 cm.
Aluminized rayon on the back, heat-resistant leather on the palm.
Available optional model 45cm lengths.
Size 10.

(Heat contact level  1 ; handling of warm pieces up to a temperature of 150°C for a period of time of 15 seconds)
EN 388 3243 
EN407 42334X

Giordani Giancarlo 型錄:

.Italy Giordani 150°C Gloves 鋁箔耐高溫防熱輻射手套 ( 10 pairs)

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