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FlexiTog Endurance Freezer Boots  -15~ -35 °C 冷凍庫專用工作鞋/防滑/輕量


  • These versatile boots are particularly suitable for intensive walking in cold storage or in cold weather.
  • Non-slip work boots with rubber sole and specific insulating properties for extremely cold conditions.
    Rubber sole designed specifically for maximum grip and durability in sub zero temperatures.
    Using a special shape around your foot that aids air circulation meaning your feet are kept warm and comfortable. Equipped with synthetic fur for optimal thermal comfort.
    Made of squishy EVA to provide extra ‘bounce’. The creating a webbed design that promotes air circulation. Also including an aluminium foil layer for warmth and a felt layer for durability.

    Flexible Microfibre outer material
    Lightweight design
    Rated ‘Non-slip’ sole
    200J Aluminium toecap
    Padded tongue
    Rubber sole resistant to low temperatures and abrasion.
    Aluminium Midsole - Protection
    Extra long laces


  • 這款冷凍庫專用工作鞋特別適合在冷庫或寒冷天氣下進行密集行走。
  • 高防滑性,橡膠底,具有特殊的隔熱性能,適用于極端寒冷的條件。
  • 超强抓地力:  鞋底橡膠底,專爲在零度以下的環境中提供最大抓地力和耐用性而設計。
  • 保暖性:  脚部采用特殊形狀設計,助于空氣流通,使雙脚溫暖舒適。配備合成毛皮,提供最佳保暖舒適度。
  • 高性能鞋墊由柔軟的 EVA 製成,提供額外的 "反彈力"。網格設計可促進空氣流通。還包括一層鋁箔保暖層和一層毛氈耐用層。

    -200J 鋁制鞋頭

FlexiTog 產品型錄:

FlexiTog Endurance Freezer Boots -15~ -35 °C 冷凍庫專用工作鞋/防滑/輕量

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