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FlexiTog Chiller Trousers +5~ -5 °C 冷凍庫防寒褲
Providing warm work clothing for your workforce is paramount to ensure their health and safety are upheld, as well as ensuring that they can get their work done effectively. The X12T insulated work trousers have been manufactured using a combination of our HTTY Fabric and IFX Thermo Wadding.

These cold store trousers have been designed with upturned outer fabric (on inside leg), making this garment one of the most versatile and durable on the market. These trousers are ideal for use with the X12J or X12W in chiller or cold temperatures. This garment uses specialist insulation and materials so that it can withstand 30 washes without losing it's thermal performance.

  • EN342 0,381(B),2,X
  • Manufactured in Europe.
  • Upturned outer fabric on the inside of the legs red increases the longevity of the trouser as the lining fabric is less likely to get caught.
  • Anti rot thread increases the life of the garment, especially when worn in cold and damp environments.
  • Lightweight & flexible fabrics keep the garments weight to a minimum which increases wearer comfort.
  • Elasticated waistband keeps the garment in place ensuring wearer comfort and warmth.
  • Durable HTTY Rip-stop external fabric means the garment can be worn for demanding applications.
  • Leg Zips - Easy dressing and undressing when wearing footwear.
  • Pre-curved leg design helps reduce wearer fatigue which in turn improves productivity.
  • Large covered pockets at the top of the trousers are useful for keeping valuables safe and secure.
  • Belt Loops mean that a tool belt can be worn.
  • OEKO TEX Standard 100
  • Weight 800g

    爲員工提供保暖工作服是確保員工健康和安全的首要條件,同時也能確保他們有效地完成工作。X12T防寒工作長褲采用 HTTY強韌織物和 IFX Thermo Wadding 製造而成。這款冷藏工作褲的外層織物(在褲腿內側)采用上翻式設計,使其成爲市場上用途最廣、最耐用的服裝之一。這款長褲非常適合與 X12J 或 X12W 一起用於冷藏庫或低溫環境。
  • EN342 0,381(B),2,X  
  • 歐洲製造。
  • 褲腿內側上翻的外層面料增加了褲子的使用壽命,使內襯面料不容易被夾住。
  • 防腐綫增加了服裝的使用壽命,尤其是在寒冷和潮濕的環境中。
  • 輕質柔韌的面料將衣服的重量降到最低,從而提高穿著的舒適度。
  • 鬆緊腰帶使衣服保持在合適的位置,確保穿著者舒適保暖。
  • 耐用的 HTTY Rip-stop 外層面料意味著該服裝可用于要求苛刻的場合。
  • 小腿部拉錬 - 穿鞋時方便穿脫。
  • 預彎腿部設計有助于减輕穿著者的疲勞,從而提高工作效率。
  • 長褲上部的大型有蓋口袋可妥善保管貴重物品。
  • 腰帶環 
  • OEKO TEX Standard 100
  • Weight 800g

FlexiTog 產品型錄:

FlexiTog Chiller Trousers +5~ -5 °C 冷凍庫防寒褲

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