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FlexiTog AirTech Insole 鋁保暖鞋墊

FB 41

  • It's the easy, effective way to make your existing footwear even warmer and more comfortable. Ideal for use in winter months or in cold store/freezer environments, FB41 thermal insoles are backed with aluminium foil which reflects cold air away from the feet.

  • Each insole can be cut to the desired size quickly and easily, while a layer of felt provides and extra dimension of comfort. Ensure your feet are as warm as possible with FB41 thermal insoles from FlexiTog.

  • Aluminium Foil backed - Reflects cold air away from feet

  • One size fits all - Cutting guide on top layer to show where to trim for different sizes

  • Felt covering - For added comfort

Thick foam layer - Provides a layer of thermal insulation

  • 一種簡單有效的方法,可使您現有的鞋襪更加溫暖舒適。FB41保暖鞋墊非常適合在冬季或冷藏庫/冷凍庫環境中使用,
  • 鞋墊背面有鋁箔,可避免體溫幅射外洩,達到保暖效果.每個鞋墊都可以快速方便地裁剪成所需的尺寸,而毛氈則提供了額外的舒適度。FlexiTog 的 FB41 保暖鞋墊確保您的雙脚盡可能溫暖。
  • 適合所有尺寸--頂層有裁剪指南,顯示不同尺寸的裁剪位置毛氈覆蓋 - 增加舒適度厚泡沫層 - 提供一層隔熱層

FlexiTog 產品型錄:

FlexiTog AirTech 鋁保暖鞋墊

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