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  • 3M 100V Welding Helmet
  • AUTO DARKENING FILTER (ADF): Helps keep the eyes safe from the intense light of MIG, TIG, and stick methods, while providing an accurate view of the workspace, before during and after the weld
  • THREE LENS SENSITIVITY SETTINGS: For customized light-to-dark switching to be used for most types of welds
  • USER-SELECTABLE DARK SHADES: Enables welder to have an enhanced view of work area. ADF shade range of variable 8-12
  • READY TO USE: Welding helmet comes fully assembled. With an optional hard-hat adapter, this helmet is a great choice for welders starting off their careers, tradesmen, and DIYers. Meets ANSI Z87.1-2010
  • APPLICATIONS INCLUDE: Assembly and mechanical, facility maintenance, grinding, machine operations, metal repair, sanding, and welding


  • 顏色:黑色。

  • 反應時間 (亮變暗) 0.1 毫秒 (+23ºC)。

  • 通過 EN 379 1/1/1/2 及 EN 166 認證。

  • 共有 5 段遮光度設定 8-12。

  • 具有 3 段敏感度設定。

  • 適用於大多數焊接作業應用,包括 MMA、MIG/MAG 及 TIG、Plasma、研磨等作業。

  • 自動變色焊接面罩感測器自動感應弧光,液晶變光屏迅速變黑,安全、可靠,保護眼睛免於強光傷害。



3M™ Speedglas™ 自動變色焊接面罩 100V

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