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3M Almighty Hi-Vis Vest [全能] 耐用實布/洞洞布 多口袋反光背心 
Almighty DSV08

  • Polyester
  • Designed for professionals with ultimate reflectivity and functionality
  • Made with premium 3M reflective tape and numerous multi-functional pockets
  • Heavy duty number 8 zipper closure, dual mic tabs and reflective trim edging
  • Rugged Oxford material in front provides resistance to tough working conditions while supporting extra weight in cargo pockets; mesh fabric on the back provides airflows in hot weather
  • Pockets: Front flap covered radio pocket with retractable ID holder; Split pencil pocket with flap can be held open for quick access;
  • Lower front cargo pockets with flagging tape grommets; Two elastic spray paint can pockets; Hidden back pouch for maps and instruments; Two large two-layer inside open tablet (iPad) pockets



  • 聚酯纖維
  • 專爲專業人士設計,具有極强的反光性和功能性
  • 優質 3M 反光帶和多個多功能口袋
  • 重型 8 號拉錬開合、雙對講機環和反光飾邊
  • 前部堅固的牛津布材料,可抵禦惡劣的工作環境,同時還可承受貨袋中的重量;背部用網眼布料,炎熱天氣中提供通風效果
  • 口袋: 前部有翻蓋的無綫電口袋,配有可伸縮的 ID 夾;帶翻蓋的分體式鉛筆口袋可打開,方便快速取放物品;
  • 前部下方的貨袋配有旗幟帶環孔;兩個彈性噴漆罐/水瓶口袋;隱藏式背袋,可放置地圖和書本;兩個大型雙層內側開放式平板電腦 (iPad) 口袋

3M Almighty Hi-Vis Vest [全能] 耐用實布/洞洞布 多口袋反光背心

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