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20KV Rubber Insulation Blanket

Applicable range:  Used for AC 11.4KV power distribution lines and electrical equipment, such as live wire or near live wire operation of the shielding protector, to protect the safety of workers.


1. With high insulating strength, high flexibility, one-piece molding, no uneven color, no seams, no cracks, no impurities, no air bubbles, made of natural rubber, all the raw materials do not damage the rubber properties and human safety.

2. Anti-slip particles on the front side, with reinforcement outer edge and belt holes.



1. Comply with ASTMD1048-14 (Standard Specification for Rubber Insulating Blankets)

2. Tensile strength: 17.2Mpa (2500psi) or above

3. Elongation: above 500% at breaking load.

4. Aging test: after seven days of the test piece being placed in the circulating air at 70±1℃, its tensile strength and elongation are above 80% before the test.

5. Electrical Characteristics Test:
Passed by AC 60Hz 20,000 voltage test for 3 minutes, leakage current below 45mA, no cracks in appearance, uneven color and other bad phenomena.


Appearance: as the attached picture

1. Thickness: reinforced outer edge: 5.5mm ± 0.5mm; inner body 3.0mm ± 0.3mm

2. Size: 750mm±2mm x 1000mm±3mm

3.Marking: 20KV; original manufacturer's mark; year and month of manufacture; manufacturer's name; TPC marking.



適用範圈:用於AC 11.4KV配電線路及電設備等活線或接近活線作業之遮蔽用護具,以保護工作人員安全





1. 符合ASTMD1048-14 (Standard Specification for Rubber Insulating Blankets)

2. 抗拉强度:17.2Mpa(2500psi)以上

3. 伸長率:在断裂負载時,其伸長率在500%以上

4. 老化試驗:試片置於70±1流通空氣中經七天後,其抗拉强度和伸長率均在試驗前80%以上

5.電氣特性試驗:通過交流60Hz 20KV級電壓連續3分鐘試驗合格,漏電流45mA以下,外觀並無裂、颜色不均等不良现象


1.厚度:補强外緣: 5.5mm±0.5mm;内本體3.0mm±0.3mm
2.尺寸:750mm±2mm x 1000mm±3mm


20KV Rubber Insulation Blanket

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