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Tranemo Duffle Bag 55L 手提肩背2用裝備袋
Backpack/bag in Tranemo design with a large zip opening.

The bag can either be carried on the back with solid, padded and adjustable shoulder straps or with the carrying handles.

Pocket on the outside with zip. Inner pocket with zip in the lid.

Shoe compartment on the inside. The bag holds about 55 L.

Tranemo 背包/手提包,有一個大拉錬開口。背包可以背在有襯墊/可調節的堅實肩帶上,也可以用手提。外側有拉錬口袋。背包蓋上有拉錬內袋。內側有鞋袋。總容量約 55 L。

Tranemo Duffle Bag 55L 手提肩背2用裝備袋

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