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FlexiTog Ice Diamond Jacket  -30~ -40 °C 冷凍庫防寒外套

The perfect jacket for extreme cold. Featuring a dual layer of performance insulation and loaded with extra features for maximum warmth and comfort.

Our warmest jacket ever! The X35J has two layers of high performance insulation to keep the warmth close to your body. The combined weight of both layers is 350gsm, the warmest jacket we have ever designed!

Typically used by drivers who work in the deep freeze. This jacket is perfectly suited to lower activity job roles due to the dual layers of insulation.

Featuring an elasticated back and FlexEasy on the shoulders for an extremely comfortable fit.

Hardwearing, colourfast FlexiTog HTY22 wind resistant fabric ensures you will have a friend for life! To maximise longevity, dark coloured fabrics are used across the front of the body, back, and lower arms.

  • EN 342: 2017 0,448(B)2X

  • 280g fabric.

  • 350gsm insulation.

  • Fur lined pockets.

  • Reflective on back.

  • Lower back.

  • High fur-lined Collar.

  • Nylon ski style cuffs.

  • Built in Hi-Viz.

  • Poppers for detachable hood (hood purchased separately). 

  • OEKO TEX Standard 100

  • Weight 1830g



我們最保暖的夾克!X35J 有兩層高性能保暖層,讓溫暖貼近您的身體。兩層重量之和為 350 克,是我們設計過的最保暖的夾克!


背部採用彈性設計,肩部採用 FlexEasy,穿著極為舒適。

耐磨、不褪色的 FlexiTog HTY22 防風面料可確保您擁有一個終身的朋友!為了最大限度地延長保暖時間,身體前部、背部和下臂均採用深色面料。

  • EN 342: 2017 0,448(B)2X
  • 280 克面料。350 克保溫材料。
  • 毛內襯口袋。
  • 背部反光。
  • 背部下方延長設計。
  • 高毛內襯衣領。
  • 滑雪式袖口。
  • Hi-Viz。
  • 兜帽扣(兜帽需單獨購買)
  • OEKO TEX Standard 100

  • Weight 1830g

FlexiTog 產品型錄:

FlexiTog Ice Diamond Jacket -30~ -40 °C 冷凍庫防寒外套

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