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FlexiTog Endurance Kevlar Gloves -15~ -35 °C 冷凍庫耐磨防割防寒手套


  • EN388:2016+A1:2018 3 3 4 4
  • EN511:2006 2 4 X,

The highest published ratings for a glove in its class to date.

With extensive trials and hand-picked materials, including the very strong Kevlar fibres, we have created one of the toughest thermal freezer gloves on the market for harsh, cold environments.This glove has been reported to outlast leather freezer gloves by around 4 times, therefore benefiting in huge cost savings in the long run.The Endurance 690C is a highly-insulated freezer glove with amazing grip, durability, warmth and flexibility, perfect for pallet wrapping in cold environments.

通過廣泛的試驗和精心挑選的材料(包括非常堅固的凱夫拉纖維),我們創造出了市場上最堅固的保暖冷凍手套之一,適用於嚴酷、寒冷的環境。這款手套的使用壽命是皮革冷凍手套的 4 倍左右,因此從長遠來看可以節省大量成本。

FlexiTog 產品型錄:

FlexiTog Endurance Kevlar Gloves -15~ -35 °C 冷凍庫耐磨防割防寒手套 FG690C

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