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FlexiTog Cold Store Trousers X28T -20~ -29°C 冷凍庫防寒吊帶褲
The Endurance Active Trouser is lightweight, breathable and very comfortable - everything you need for a high activity role when working in a freezer!

The Endurance fabric on the lower leg brings a very durable trouser to the cold store market, and the low waist level avoids having too many layers of insulation beneath your jacket which is perfect for high activity job roles.

Defence Technology. This garment uses Clo Insulation an specialist materials so that it can withstand 30 washes without losing it's thermal performance. Find more about Defence Technology here.

  • EN 342:2017 standard, with class 1 breathability.

  • Manufactured in Europe

  • OEKO TEX Standard 100

  • Teknica - Advanced Lightweight Insulation from Clo - Insulation

  • Seam protection - Protecting areas of high wear is essential so we have covered the outside seam with Hi-Viz fabric for extra protection

  • Endurance Fabric - New innovative fabric designed for maximum strength and increased wear & tear for maximum toughness

  • Adjustable leg length - With our new unique feature, you can now adjust to your desired leg length. (70cm, 75cm, 86 cm)

  • Knee Pad pockets for inserting our XK1 Knee Pads.

  • Weight 800g

Endurance 活動長褲輕便、透氣、舒適,是在冷庫中從事高活動量工作的理想選擇!腿部的耐磨面料為冷凍庫市場帶來了一款非常耐用的長褲,低腰設計避免外套下過多的保溫層,非常適合高活動量的工作。

防寒技術。這款服裝使用了 Clo 保暖材料和專業材料,可以經受 30 次水洗而不降低保暖性能。


  • EN 342:2017 標準認證,透氣性達到 1 級。
  • 歐洲製造 
  • OEKO TEX Standard 100
  • Clo 的先進輕質保溫材料  
  • 接縫加強--保護高磨損部位至關重要,因此我們在外部接縫處覆蓋了Hi-Viz面料,以提供額外保護。
  • 耐磨面料--新型創新面料設計,具有最大的強度和更強的耐磨性,從而實現最大的韌性
  • 可調節褲腿長度 - 我們新推出的獨特功能,現在您可以根據自己的需要調節褲腿長度。(70cm, 75cm, 86cm)
  • 護膝口袋,可放入我們的 XK1 護膝墊。
  • Weight 800g


FlexiTog 產品型錄:


FlexiTog Cold StoreTrousers -20~ -29 °C 冷凍庫防寒吊帶褲

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