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FlexiTog Cold Store Jacket -20~ -29 °C 冷凍庫防護外套

Lightweight, breathable & highly durable along with a NEW integrated Voice Pick feature, this jacket is a pleasure to work in. Incorporating Clo Insulation Vivo technology, the Endurance Active Jacket keeps the wearer at optimum temperature, even when highly active.

Defence Technology This garment uses Clo Insulation an specialist materials so that it can withstand 30 washes without losing it's thermal performance. Find more about Defence Technology here.


  • EN 342:2017 standards, with class 1 breathability.

  • Manufactured in Europe

  • Vivo Teknica insulation increases the breathability up to 30% providing a perfect balance between warmth and breathability. By using this insulation in high sweat areas, we have created a jacket that is a great solution for people working in highly active job roles in sub-zero temperatures. For more information on this NEW innovative insulation, please click here

  •  OEKO TEX Standard 100

  • BreathEasy is an area centre back of the jacket that helps regulate the body temperature, keeping the wearer more comfortable.

  • Endurance Fabric is a NEW strong and durable fabric designed to increase the longevity of the jacket. We have used this fabric on the lower body and arms which are both high wear areas.

  • Built in Voice-pick pocket & loops provides a jacket that is up-to-date with the latest picking systems.

  • High fleeced collar provides great comfort and protection from the cold

  • Glove cuffs offers additional protection from the cold for your hands and wrist, whilst ensuring there is no area where the cold can reach the wrist.

  • Weight 1420g

Endurance Active夾克採用 Clo Insulation Vivo 技術,即使在大量運動時也能保持最佳溫度。


該款服裝使用了Clo Insulation專業材料,因此可以經受30次水洗而不降低保暖性能。


  • EN 342:2017 standards, with class 1 breathability.
  • 歐洲製造
  • Vivo Teknica 隔熱材料將透氣性提高 30%,在保暖性和透氣性間達到完美平衡。在出汗較多的部位使用這種隔熱材料,我們創造出了一款非常適合在零下低溫條件下從事高運動量工作的人員穿著的夾克。
  • OEKO TEX Standard 100
  • 透氣面料(BreathEasy)在夾克後背中央個區域,有助于調節體溫,使穿著者更加舒適。
  • Endurance面料是一種新型强韌耐用面料,旨在延長夾克的使用壽命。我們在腰身部和手臂這兩個高磨損部位使用了這種面料。
  • 內置 Voice-pick 口袋和掛環,使夾克與最新撿貨系統保持同步。
  • 加高的彈力衣領帶來極大的舒適感和防寒保護
  • 手套袖口爲手部和腕部提供額外的防寒保護,同時確保腕部不會受到寒冷侵襲。

    FlexiTog 產品型錄:

FlexiTog Cold Store Jacket -20~ -29 °C 冷凍庫防寒外套

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