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Rail Cutter FR Trouser 軌道醫生切軌阻燃工作褲

 5024 88  - News, Cantex WS

  • EN ISO 11612  A1 B1 C1 E3 F1
  • EN 61482-2  APC 1
  • EN 1149-5
  • *EN ISO 11611 CL.1 A1
  • EN ISO 20471 CL.2


內建阻燃纖維之高可見 (Hi-Vis)、高色牢度之切軌工作長褲。



顏色:  黃色/深藍色,

尺寸: 30"- 50"R, 32"- 40"T, 34"- 48"S

Inherent Flame Retardant rail cutting trousers extra reinforced with Barricader fabric which provides a high protection against metal splashes. The back of the trousers have Cantex Stretch fabric for increased comfort.

Front pockets. Hip pockets with flap. Cargo pocket with flap, mobile phone pocket and concealed keyring holder. Ruler pocket with knife button and loop*. Inside kneepad pockets with two different placement levels. Contrast stitching.


802: Reinforcing fabric, Barricader EP, 545 g/m²

811: Tera TX, 260 g/m², LOI: 29,8%

884: Cantex Stretch, 365 g/m², LOI: 29,5%


Rail Cutter FR Trouser 軌道醫生切軌阻燃工作褲

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