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Adding FR Logos

我們針對企業客戶,提供MOQ 25件以上免費熱轉印阻燃Logo印製之服務 (打樣費另計)。

熱轉印 Flame Retardant Logo

我們的熱轉印徽章通過EN ISO 14116和EN 1149-5的測試。

當熱轉印徽章暴露於高溫時,它通常比織物保留能量的時間更長。故從安全角度考慮,不建議客戶使用大型實心Logo。最好的放置位置是在下面有幾層織物可以保護皮膚的位置。Tranemo使用InduTrans 。覆蓋深色衣物達99%,可在60度下洗滌,並在低溫滾筒烘乾。


For cooperation clients, with an order over 20 garments per product, we will provide free FR Logo Printing services (A small service fee will be charged). For more details, please contact our sales manager.


Tranemo delivers around 100,000 logo-bearing garments each year. Before adding logos to flame retardant clothing it is important to know that garment certifications impose requirements on various types of marking, and the wrong solution can reduce the protection provided by a garment. Heat seal badges, sew-on badges or embroidery that cover an area less than 10 cm² do not require flame retardant testing under the EN ISO 14116 standard.


Heat seal badges need to be tested and approved before they are used on Flame Retardant garments. The heat seal badges that Tranemo produce are tested and approved for EN ISO 14116 and EN 1149-5 when attached to a Tranemo Flame Retardant garment. When a heat seal badge is exposed to high heat, it normally retains the energy for a longer period of time than the fabric. From a safety perspective, a large solid print is not recommended. The best placement is where there are several layers of fabric underneath that will help protect your skin. For heat seal badges, Tranemo uses InduTrans , an all-round heatseal badge that works on most materials. Covers dark garments to 99% and can be washed in 60 degrees and tumble dried in low temperatures (garment washed and dried inside out). InduTrans is tested and complies to the requirements for EN ISO 14116 and 1149-5 when applied to most Tranemo Flame Retardant fabrics.

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